Selection of Excellence

Join the world's Premium Experiential Lodgings

Platform for Excellence

Discover Authentic Luxury, a premier luxury platform showcasing exquisite experiential lodgings in stunning natural settings. We curate the finest tented camps and eco-lodges globally, setting new standards for premium experiential travel. Our focus is on properties that redefine sustainable luxury tourism and offer immersive and authentic experiences. These exceptional properties not only provide unforgettable guest experiences but also prioritize the well-being of the land and local communities.

Requirements to Join

We carefully choose and curate the most exquisite nature-based properties, ensuring they meet all essential criteria across various segments. To join our esteemed property portfolio, aspiring properties must meet our stringent selection criteria and uphold the highest standards of excellence.

Unique & special

These extraordinary and intimate small luxury properties epitomize the essence of exclusivity, catering to discerning clientele who appreciate that greatness lies not in size but in the exceptional and unique experiences they offer.

Architecture & Landscape

stylish and exclusive properties that embody authentic luxury, exquisite design, and breathtaking architecture. Each outdoor area is meticulously crafted to create a harmonious atmosphere, seamlessly blending with the natural surroundings and enhancing the overall resort experience.

Harmony of Luxury and Nature

Stylish and sustainable luxury retreats where nature and comfort harmoniously blend. These exclusive properties, found in remote and extraordinary locations, provide an intimate and extraordinary experience of nature's grandeur while offering the finest comforts.

Authentic experience

Properties are devoted to connecting their guests with a sense of place. They offer truly local and authentic experiences of local wildlife, culture, and wilderness in partnership with the communities that make each visit a memorable and unforgettable experiential journey.

Great Hospitality & Qulality of service

Properties provide exceptional personalized service throughout your entire stay, ensuring the highest quality of all guest services with meticulous attention to every detail.

Responsible Practices

Immersive properties embodying sustainability, integrating with nature, and caring for people and the environment. They prioritize renewable resources, organic food, and a symbiotic relationship with the local community.

Seclusion & Intimacy

The accommodations are created to the highest standards, meticulously designed to ensure seclusion, exclusivity, and intimacy, providing guests with a tranquil and undisturbed retreat.

Premium features

A seamless fusion of immersive design, eco-friendly accommodations, and top-notch amenities. Guests enjoy unparalleled experiences that showcase the harmonious coexistence of nature and luxurious comfort.

Member Benefits

As a member, you join a prestigious network of iconic and exceptional tented camps and lodges renowned within the travel industry. Partnering with Authentic Luxury offers a platform to captivate discerning travelers seeking independent, authentic, and sustainable luxury experiences.


Position your property to the pinnacle of the world's finest tented camps and eco-lodges on our prestigious platform of excellence.

Visibility & Networking

Free promotion and exclusive rate for Eco Resort Network, enhancing your visibility and fostering networking opportunities.

Share & Learn

An exclusive reservation system for sharing of available accommodations among our affiliated tented camps and lodges.

Join The World's Finest

Join the Platform for Excellence, an exclusive collection of exceptional premium experiential lodgings. Elevate your property and reach a discerning global audience. Join now and be part of excellence.

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