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Join the rangers on a motorbike for 2-6 hours, depending on your stamina, and prepare for an eye-opening experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

Bill Bensley, the owner and the architect of the property, formed a partnership through the Shinta Mani Foundation, with the Wildlife Alliance NGO, whose armed rangers patrol the forest and have the ability to prosecute offenders.

Every day Wild Alliance (WA) rangers seize far too many snares, which can kill nearly any animal, including young elephants. Sometimes WA rescues live animals from the many snares; other times they must tally the count of dead wildlife. They travel in groups of 2-8 and are armed, as they run loggers out of their makeshift camps, confiscate homemade guns, chainsaws, and the like.

The reason for Shinta Mani Wild’s existence is to create a sustainable way to patrol and defend their beautiful cardamon rainforests and their wildlife.

Shinta Mani Wild has built an on-site ranger station for WA at the end of the track, at the highest camp in the valley. You are more than welcome to visit! Shinta Mani Wild – A Bensley Collection dedicates a percentage of income to keep 8 rangers employed 24/7, equating to the protection of 2000 hectares of forest and 500 wild animals saved every year.

Wild also pays for all of the rangers’ expenses and equipment. Number of new inventions are used, including daily areal patrols using state of the art drones as well as a network of informants in the local communities. Through these, they are able to detect villains in real time. Rangers get alerted and WA can respond quickly.

It is important to note that anti-poaching experience in Shinta Mani Wild is not a guest curated activity that only happens if guests join. It is a cutting edge front line conservation effort.


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Shinta Mani Wild, a Bensley Collection

Asia Cambodia

Shinta Mani Wild is an exclusively opulent tented camp built along a river valley in the waterfall-laced Cambodian rainforest on the intersection of the 3 National Parks: Kirirom, Bokor and Cardamom.

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