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Embark on a worry-free travel experience with us, where your peace of mind is our priority. From meticulously planning your trip to ensuring your safe return home, we are with you at every step. Enjoy personalized journeys, distinctive accommodations, and authentic experiences, all tailored to your preferences. Your journey, your way, with us by your side.


Prepare to be inspired as you embark on this unparalled safari adventure that is perfect for everyone seeking an immersive safari experience.

Dive into the heart of Africa's untamed wilderness and vibrant culture, as we unveil for you the wonders of three distinctive safari destinations: Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Zambia. This exceptional safari is not only an adventure-seeker's dream but also stands as one of our most sought-after experiences.

Botswana, a paradise for mobile tented safaris, appeal to the most discerning of travellers. Enjoy its pristine landscapes and encounter wildlife in their natural habitat. Meanwhile, Zimbabwe sets the stage for exhilarating game drives and invigorating walking safaris, promising encounters with the majestic creatures that call this region home. To complete your journey, Zambia's awe-inspiring Victoria Falls adds a touch of natural marvel to your safari, elevating it to perfection.

Wildlife sightings that you will be able to experience on this travel are nothing short of awe-inspiring, featuring the majestic presence of elephants, graceful kudu, elusive sable antelope, vibrant zebra, wildebeest, gemsbok, the rare and endangered roan antelope, buffalo, giraffe, lion, leopard, hyena, and a myriad of other captivating wildlife species.

Get ready for a journey that will leave you with a profound appreciation for the diverse and remarkable inhabitants of the African wilderness.


Embark on these authentic experience offered at the featured property below. Explore additional authentic experiences at these wild retreat, and count on us to expertly arrange them for you.

Thorntree River Lodge

Africa Zambia

Stunning lodge with ten luxury tented suites situated along the edge of the mighty Zambezi River is set in Zambia's Mosi-Oa-Tunya National Park, just 20 minutes from the famous Victoria Falls.

Khwai Leadwood

Africa Botswana

Nestled in the community-run Khwai Concession of the Okavango Delta, this exquisite camp is tucked under the trees along the Khwai River's edge.

Somalisa Camp

Africa Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s leading tented safari camp in the heart of Hwange National Park famous for its up close encounters with elephants that love to drink from the pool in front of the camp.

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