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Shinta Mani Wild - A Bensley Collection

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A truly unique and adrenaline-filled way to arrive at your property!

Prepare for a check-in experience like no other! Brace yourself for an arrival at the property that is truly unique and filled with adrenaline, setting the stage for an unforgettable stay.

When visitors arrive in the Shinta Mani Wild area, they are presented with a distinctive opportunity to zipline to their property. To embark on this exhilarating adventure, you will need to climb 104 steps to reach the top of the zipline tower at a height of 21.8 meters, where the team will conduct a safety briefing before strapping you into the harness and attaching you to the double-wired zip line.

Once ready, you will gently glide off the platform and fly 380 meters over the forest canopy to the first stop. There, you will have a brief walk over a narrow swing bridge built above the forest floor to avoid damaging any flora. The bridge literally has a tree growing through it since Bill, the resort’s owner and architect, would not allow any trees to be cut down in the creation of the property. Upon reaching the other side, you will then zipline another 20 meters over the river and past the raging sister waterfalls, landing in the Landing Zone Bar where the GM and Bensley Butlers await your arrival with a refreshing welcome drink containing a shot of tequila!

Apart from ziplining being a unique and fun way to arrive at the property, Bill wanted to comfortably take his guests a little out of their comfort zone. Of course, using the zipline is optional, but guests love it, and they can do it as many times as they like during their visit.

As part of the Shinta Mani Wild wellness program, guests are also invited to do sunrise yoga at the zipline tower overlooking the forest and then zipline into headquarters for a hearty healthy breakfast. What a great way to start your day!


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Shinta Mani Wild, a Bensley Collection

Asia Cambodia

Shinta Mani Wild is an exclusively opulent tented camp built along a river valley in the waterfall-laced Cambodian rainforest on the intersection of the 3 National Parks: Kirirom, Bokor and Cardamom.

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