Ultimate travel guide around Nayara Tented Camp, Costa Rica

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Explore Costa Rica during your 7-day luxury stay in Nayara Tended Camp. Authentic experience is waiting for you. 

Explore number one hotel in Central America


While staying in number 1 hotel in Central America, Nayara Tented Camp is offering authentic clifftop tents with the vibrant rainforest below you. Experience the authentic Costa Rica with us. We have prepared the ultimate itinerary, weather you are traveling alone, exploring Costa Rica with your family or enjoying your honeymoon in Costa Rica.

Day 1: Arrival and Exploring Nayara Tented Camp

  • Morning: Arrive at Nayara Tented Camp, situated near the Arenal Volcano.
  • Afternoon: Familiarize yourself with the camp, enjoy the luxury tents, and if you have time visit the Sloth Sanctuary in Nayara Tent. The guide may educate you during this time on how the resort planed more than 1000 Cecropia trees to give these sloths a nourishing home.
  • Evening: Dine at one of the camp's restaurants offering local flavors.


Day 2: Arenal Volcano National Park

  • Morning: Hike in the Arenal Volcano National Park, observing the rich flora and fauna.
  • Afternoon: Visit the Arenal Observatory Lodge for stunning views of the volcano and Lake Arenal.
  • Evening: Relax in the hot springs nearby, such as Tabacon or Baldi.


Day 3: Adventure Activities

  • Full Day: Engage in adventure activities like zip-lining, horseback riding, or the Sky Tram. Alternatively, explore the Arenal Hanging Bridges.
  • Evening: Enjoy a tranquil evening back at Nayara.


Day 4: La Fortuna Waterfall and Local Town

  • Morning: Visit La Fortuna Waterfall, and enjoy the natural pool at its base.
  • Afternoon: Explore the town of La Fortuna, known for its crafts and local cuisine.
  • Evening: Experience a cooking class or a coffee tasting tour.


Day 5: Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge

  • Full Day: Take a guided boat tour of the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, a haven for bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts.
  • Evening: Return to Nayara for dinner and relaxation.


Day 6: Rio Celeste and Tenorio Volcano National Park

  • Full Day: Journey to Tenorio Volcano National Park and hike to the stunning Rio Celeste waterfall. The turquoise waters are a must-see.
  • Evening: Spend your last evening at Nayara, perhaps enjoying a spa treatment.


Day 7: Departure

  • Morning: Leisurely breakfast at Nayara.
  • Afternoon: Depart from Nayara, taking with you the memories of a remarkable Costa Rican adventure.

Costa Rica Advanture holidays


For all avanturist, The Arenal Volcano region stands as one of Costa Rica's most sought-after tourist destinations, boasting lush natural beauty. Arenal is referred to as the adventure capital of Costa Rica for good reason. Experience zip lining across the top of the rainforest canopy, or rappelling down the side of Arenal’s waterfalls. Whether white-water rafting on the Sarapiqui River or hiking the Arenal Volcano, we promise you the jungle adventure of a lifetime.


Costa Rica Relaxed Holidays


Walking and observation

Traverse hanging bridges and trek over dry lava fields to examine pristine rainforests. Discover waterfalls and crystal blue rivers, and soak in hot springs. Stand in the shadows of huge trees, the centuries-old guardians of the forest. Costa Rica is home to over 900 bird species, and Arenal has plenty of tanagers, hummingbirds, toucans, and oropendolas. The birds, multi-colored frogs and amphibians, volcano craters, and exotic plants all make for a unique region to explore on foot.

Cultural exploration

Learn about coffee cultivation as you visit a plantation, and taste delicious hot chocolate freshly made with organic cacao.  Discover the rainforest and the different species of plants and animals while you float along the many hectares of the jungle of the Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge. Visit The Proyecto Asis, where rescued animals are taken care of. Discover the arts and crafts of the Maleko indigenous population with an organized visit to a Maleko village.

Local food and spa days at Nayara Tented Camp. 

 At the location enjoy the most beautiful spa in the middle of the rainforest. While relaxing, enjoy the sounds of nature and wildlife. You can book a relaxing massage, body, and facial care, or yoga session. You will be spoiled with the local food, and moreover, you and your family can help plant new plants. In a few weeks these herbs and vegetables will be used in their restaurant. 


This itinerary offers a perfect blend of adventure, nature, relaxation, and local culture, all within the vicinity of Nayara Tented Camp. Each day brings a new exploration, from the majestic Arenal Volcano to the serene beauty of Rio Celeste, ensuring a memorable Costa Rican experience.

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