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São Tomé and Príncipe, Africa

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ROMANTIC ESCAPE to magical Sundy Praia


Nestled between a tropical forest and a pristine golden beach on Príncipe Island off the West African coast, is a sanctuary that awakens the senses and frees the mind. In this haven of romance, time seems to stand still, allowing you to escape the chaos of the world and embrace the simplicity of love. Discover with us this magical sanctuary of whales, turtles, forest hikes, and refreshing swims.


Book between 12th February and 12th March to enjoy complimentary romantic perks included in your reservation:

  • Special room decoration upon arrival and & romantic room turndown
  • Romantic dinner at Sundy Praia
  • 60-minute couples massage
  • Daily shared excursion at Sundy Praia
  • Room  upgrade to the next category at both hotels
  • Private airport transfer to and from Príncipe island from São Tomé island
  • Late check-out at hotel Omali at São Tomé island on last day (applicable for international flights with TAP airline in the evening)
  • Free high-speed unlimited Wi-Fi internet



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Sundy Praia

Africa São Tomé and Príncipe

A luxury tented resort in magical island of Principe in West Africa. Sheltering between dense, tropical forest and a pristine golden beach, it's a place to unwind, awaken the senses and free the mind.

Authentic Experiences
Cacao Route

Cacao Route

Experience the cacao journey from ‘tree to table.’ Visit a cacao plantation and learn how the Cacaueiro tree is planted, cultivated and grown. Visit the dryers to learn about the transformation process, and then end the tour with a tasting in our chocolate factory in Roça Sundy.

Turtle Watching

Turtle Watching

Learn about sea turtles and the conservation of this threatened species through the important work of a non-profit HBD partner, Fundação Príncipe. If you're lucky on a visit to Praia Grande, you may witness sea turtles nesting between November and February or sea turtles hatching between February and April.
Ribeira Izé Lost City Trail

Ribeira Izé Lost City Trail

Walk from Sundy Praia and through the tropical forest to Ribeira Izé and the ruins of a 400-year Catholic church being eaten by the greenery. Ribeira Izé was the original capital of Principe and is now consumed by the jungle. It’s a short trek to get there through the dense jungle. On the way back, stroll along the beach and take a dip in the ocean.

Discover Principe

Discover Principe

Drive through some of the island's old roças and some of the most impressive viewpoints. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to see the work of local artisans. Tour will be concluded in the town of Santo António, capital of Principe, with its population of 2,620 and where about 35% of the island's population lives.

Bay of Needles

Bay of Needles

Located on the edge of the Parque Natural do Príncipe and within the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Bay of Needles is a place like no other. Enjoy spectacular views of the western side of the reserve, with its several beaches surrounded by volcanic plugs. You will stop for a swim in this enchanting bay.

Norteast Beaches and Fishing Village Visit

Norteast Beaches and Fishing Village Visit

Enjoy a boat trip along the secluded beaches of the northeast side of the island and discover the natural beauty of Príncipe from a different perspective, out at sea We will stop at a small fishing village (as it is a nomadic community) where we will learn about the traditional way of life on the island of Príncipe. Along the way we will make stops at the most beautiful places on the island, to swim in the warm sea, and contemplate the views.

Maria Correia Waterfall Trail

Maria Correia Waterfall Trail

Follow this coastal trail as it passes through forest, beach, and a fishing village, before ending at the secluded Cascata Maria Correia to enjoy a refreshing dip.

Parrot Peak Trail

Parrot Peak Trail

Located in the Parque Natural do Príncipe, Parrot Peak is the most famous mountain on Príncipe. Ascend through the forest to the peak for a memorable view, admiring and learning about the plants and flowers along the way.

Rainforest to Beach

Rainforest to Beach

Beginning at Roça Sundy, hike downhill through the vibrant forest to a secluded beach. Once there, enjoy a light lunch and an ocean dip before ending at Sundy Praia.

Oquepipi Waterfall Trail

Oquepipi Waterfall Trail

Walk through the lush, tropical forests of the Parque Natural do Príncipe, to the Oquê Pipi Waterfall, which is the largest waterfall on the island. Swim in the natural, crystal-clear ‘pool’ and observe some of the most popular animal and plant species on Príncipe. The island is known for an incredible amount of plant and animal species found nowhere else on Earth. In fact, Príncipe is a protected UNESCO-recognized biosphere reserve, virtually undiscovered and undisturbed.



Explore Príncipe, observe and learn more about birds in their wild state. Discover about endemic species while listening to the chirping of thousands of birds echoing in the rainforest, as you enjoy the most beautiful places on the island.


  • Valid for bookings made between 12th February and 12th of March 2024
  • Valid for stays between February 1st and December 20th 2024
  • This promotion cannot be combined with any other offer
  • A copy of the marriage certificate of less than 12 months required to be presented during booking process in order to qualify for the offer
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