Kachi Lodge

Bolivia, South America

Price from
1.940,00€ person

Price from

Low season: 1.940,00€ person

Flat season: 11th April - 16th December Mid season: 4th January - 10th April

High season: 2.250,00€ person

From 17th December - 3rd January

Luxury Adventure On The Salt Flats

  • Type: Tent Retreats
  • Setting: Desert, Lake, Wilderness

In the remote corners of the world, an hour flight from la Paz, Bolivia offers some of the most exhilarating vistas: at 3600m high, Uyuni Salt Flats, the world’s largest salt flat is one of them. On the immense salt flat, one journey takes you to another dimension, to one of the most remarkable lodges on the planet and only luxury lodge on the salt flats. Set on a wooden platform near a cacti covered island amongst one of the wildest and most phenomenal landscapes on the planet, the six luxurious geodesic domes resembles an isolated space station. During the day, guests can choose among endless list of bespoke activities while at night, they can stargaze - thanks to the lack of pollution and the altitude, the stars and milky way appear to be brighter than ever. We love that Kachi Lodge is almost completely self-sufficient in terms of its natural resource use, the preservation of the environment has been at the heart of their concerns since the beginning of this stunning project. If you are travelling to Bolivia and are looking for a unique experience then staying in all-inclusive Kachi Lodge is a must!

6 Luxury Domes

Airport Transfer

All-inclusive Luxury Camp


Min.Stay 2 Nights

Max. Capacity 18

Services & Facilities
  • All inclusive luxury camp
  • Lounge
  • Restaurant 
  • Free bikes
  • Activity: Top of the world - Tunupa volcano
  • Activity: Quinoa fields & herds of llamas
  • Activity: Sunrise hikes
  • Activity: Sunste thrills
  • Activity: The ancient mommies of alcaya
  • Activity: Starry nights
  • Activity: Mountain biking on the salar or a downhill ad-venture
  • Activity: 4 x 4 across the salar
Exclusive benefits for AL guests

Once you go to this trip, everything is included

Unforgettable experiences, sustainable impact. Join us in creating a better world through luxury travel that supports the environment and local communities.


Luxury Dome

up to 3

Each of six domes with private bathroom offer all the comfort you can expect from a luxury lodge. Inside design includes bespoke furniture crafted out of regional materials, bespoke textiles and a unique painting by Gastón Ugalde – internationally known as the Bolivian Andy Wahrol – set the tone in each suite. A pellet stove delivers a comfortable temperature. Each dome can accommodate 2 adults (twin/double bed) and one child max. 12 years old.

Price from
1.940,00€ person

Low season: 1.940,00€ / person

Flat season: 11th April - 16th December Mid season: 4th January - 10th April

High season: 2.250,00€ / person

From 17th December - 3rd January


  • Price per person for 2 nights (3 days)
  • All-inclusive 
  • Round trip transfer from Uyuni airport
  • One private car (Toyota Land Cruiser of Nissan Patrol) with Spanish speaking driver (max 2 adults and 1 child per car)
  • One private english/spanish speaking guide per dome for the length of the stay (Other languages on request)
  • Full board including snacks, picnics during visits, water, tea, coffee, house wines and spirits
  • All the visits and activities mentioned in the program (The program is flexible and discussed on arrival with the guide based on guest’s preferences) 
  • Local taxes


  • Kachi Lodge can’t welcome children under 6 years old.
  • Maximum car occupancy is 2 adults and one child.
  • Depending on the length of the stay or on weather conditions some activities/visits might not be possible. No refund will be granted for activities / visits that could not be offered.


  • As the lodge is located at an altitude of 3’660m /12’000 Ft, lack of oxygen may cause high altitude sickness. Kachi Lodge provides medical oxygen bottles, masks, defibrillator and an inflatable hyperbaric chamber in case of lung edema suspicion. Staff at Kachi lodge has received basic first aid training and is able to operate these systems but neither Kachi Lodge nor its staff can be held responsible of any injury, illness or death resulting from altitude sickness or the use of these systems. Guests should consult their physician prior to booking in order to make sure that there is no contraindication.
  • First basic medical facility is located one hour away from the camp by car. Hospital is minimum 4 hours away,  including a one-hour commercial flight. There is no air ambulance service available.
  • Kachi Lodge is family-friendly but the hotel is set on a deck at about 1m above the ground with no barriers. Parents are responsible of watching their kids at all times. Kachi Lodge can’t be held responsible in case of falls off the deck.

Why choose Kachi Lodge
Cactus Island

Cactus Island

Some of the endemic wildlife of the altiplano can be spotted near the lodge: flamingos, vicuñas, viscachas, Andean fox. On your way from Uyuni, you'll probably stop at the old train cemetery with its dozens of old locomotives and carriages dating back to early 20th century, then to Inca Huasi Island, covered with a forest of giant cacti which you can also find all around the lodge.



At night, when the telescope is out, the sky seems to open up and pour stars above one’s head: thanks to the lack of pollution and the altitude, the stars and milky way appear to be brighter than ever. The salar almost seems like a constellation of its own at night as the salt crystals created myriads of little sparks.

Quinoa Fields & Herds of Llamas

Quinoa Fields & Herds of Llamas

A daily visit (one hour excursion - Jirira village) to Celia and her quinoa fields is a unique way to apprehend the local culture and the vitality of the Jirira community. Also fighting the extreme climate, Julian, a local farmer, welcomes visitors amongst his herd of llamas. While grazing along the shores of the salar, one learns more about the quality of the wool collected and the importance of llama meat for local communities.



Following a first culinary journey with one acclaimed restaurant in La Paz, Kachi Lodge continues its exploration of Bolivian gastronomy by entrusting the reins of its restaurant to Proyecto Nativa, Sucre’s must-taste restaurant. At its head, Juan Pablo Gumiel, one of the rising stars of the Bolivian food scene, brilliantly blends local flavors and international influences, selecting the best organic products, grown locally.

Artist Residence

Artist Residence

The Salar is like a blank page inviting to creation. Beyond an exceptional place to stay, Kachi Lodge is a place of expression and exhibition featuring Bolivian and foreign artists. Kachi Lodge feature site-specific works by renowned artist Gastón Ugalde. Guests staying at Kachi will be able to experience the Salar through his eyes and will see what keeps bringing him back time after time.”

The Ancient Mommies of Alcaya

The Ancient Mommies of Alcaya

Full excursion (half day, lunch included); The ancient archaeological site of Alcaya is revered as sacred grounds for the local Bolivian communities: it is believed to have been a unique city for one of the oldest pre-Inca civilizations in the Andes. At 3800 meters high, set on a hillside next to a bucolic river, the pre-Colombian citadel is an open-air museum.

Tunupa Volcano

Tunupa Volcano

Full excursion (half day, lunch included); A hike up the Tunupa mirador or summit is one of the highlights of a stay at Kachi Lodge. Towering at 5321 meters high with its ochre and reddish coloured slopes, the sleeping volcano is revered by locals as the feminine deity that give birth to the salar.

Mountain Biking on the Salar

Mountain Biking on the Salar

A selection of high quality mountain bikes are available at Kachi Lodge: an ideal way to explore the surrounding islands or venture out in the open, a bike ride is made easy as the surface of the salar is perfectly flat. Whether it is just heading out from the lodge or driving out to the centre of the salar for a truly remote ride, it will be one to remember. For the more adventurous, there is also the option to drive the bikes up the side of the nearby Thunupa volcano, for an adrenaline filled downhill adventure.

Sunrise Hikes

Sunrise Hikes

Heading out to hike up cacti-covered Kachi Island near the lodge or hopping on the 4x4 to hike up small hills on the rim of the salar offer specular vistas. Unique encounters with 80 to a 100 year old cacti and their strange bodily silhouettes are also part of the journey.

Sunset Thrills

Sunset Thrills

A sunset drive, chasing the sun around the extremities of the salar is an adventure in itself. Every time, catching the last rays of light is spectacular: behind small salt extraction sites that turn to pink, near a body of water where end of the day reflexions are true works of art, or in the middle of the salar from where the edge turn to orange, each sunset is mesmerizing.

4 x 4 Across the Salar

4 x 4 Across the Salar

Whether it is driving across the salar for the sheer adventure, searching for small pools which provide impressive salt crystals, or trekking up one of the many islands which exist across this expanse, is a must.


Our collection of properties is dedicated to sustainability and responsible tourism. We're updating our website to showcase the sustainability efforts of each retreat, highlighting their initiatives in resource conservation, minimizing environmental impact, and benefiting local communities. We appreciate your patience as we work on incorporating these features. Stay tuned for these exciting updates as we strive to create a positive impact and offer you an enriching and eco-friendly experience.


Resort Address

Jirira, Salar de Uyuni, Oruro Department, Bolivia

GPS: -19.8570125,-67.5730887

Transport from airport

Uyuni Airport: 1:15 hourkm

Authentic Luxury review

Kachi Lodge

Why is this place so special for ...

  • The first and only luxury lodge standing on the world's largest salf flat
  • One of the most phenomenal landscapes on the planet  
  • Extraordinary activities you can experience only at few places on earth
  • Spectacular stargazing - stars like you have never seen before
  • The lodge is almost completely self-sufficient in terms of its natural resource use
Guest reviews
Excellent 4.5 / 5
Amazing location but many issues

NY2, - January 2020

Amazing location but many issues due to very inconsistent food, service, and rooms. Examples of food problems included pork in vegetarian food, serving toasted white bread as French Toast for breakfast, running out of eggs and other essential items, and very few food choices. Examples of service problems included requests for food and water requiring constant reminders to be fulfilled. Examples of room problems include shower not working as well as water pump leaking water all over room. Althoug...

Great vision, but not there yet

gina_hung2000, Taiwan - January 2020

The location and view were amazing. I was the only guest when I visited. I was left completely alone at night when all the staff (other than a watchman) stayed somewhere else. I enjoyed the silence and tranquility very much! The dome was very warm (hot) during the day, but freezing during the night. The stove provided the heat for the bedroom, but not so much for the bathroom. Prepare for the cold going to the bathroom during the night. It took me a while to get used to the burner toilet. If you...

Once in a lifetime experience

Kevin and Lianne, United States - March 2020

This was a magical place! We were celebrating our anniversary and everything was perfect! There is no other way to do Salar the Uyuni. You are in the middle of the Salar, you wake up and go to sleep in the clouds with incredible sunsets and sunrise. The food was amazing, as well as the drinks and yes we tried Gustu in La Paz before coming here. The room is incredible for the fact that you are in a very isolated place, and things are not very accessible, there is heat at night and during the day ...

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