White Desert Antarctica

Antarctica, Antarctica

Price from
12.930,00€ night

Luxury & Adventure meet in Antarctica

  • Type: Lodges & Villas
  • Setting: Desert

“We were stuck in a little tent waiting out a storm”… this is the story of how the first and only unique Luxury Camp in Antarctica has slowly become a reality. Tours to White Desert Antarctica start with a highly exclusive private jet trip on Gulfstream aircraft from Cape Town, South Africa, to Wolf's Fang, the only private runway in Antarctica, to one of the most remote camps on earth, to another world. After a five-hour flight across the Southern, Ocean guests are transferred from the airstrip to stay at White Desert’s Whichaway Camp, a camp like no other and one and only luxury camp in Antarctica. White Desert’s Whichaway Camp, established in 2010, is the company’s luxury camp in East Antarctica’s Schirmacher Hills, a unique camp, for a carbon-neutral experience that is as luxurious as it is adventurous. The camp with seven luxurious eco-friendly pods has won the World Travel Awards five times and is designed to have a minimal environmental footprint. Besides sleeping pods, the camp includes communal shower pods, a kitchen, and three centralized pods that make up the reception, lounge, and dining room serving award-winning chef-prepared meals. Guests can choose to do as much or as little as they desire, including gentle treks to ice tunnels, visit stunning giant ice waves towards the coast, or visit the penguin colony, South Pole, or nearby science bases. Being the only company in the world to fly business jets to Antarctica, White Desert's emphasis has always been on luxury and safety. Trips to Antarctica include return flights from Cape Town on a White Desert Gulfstream private jet, accommodation, food and drinks (including all alcohol) in Antarctica, guiding fees, use of certain items of polar clothing, and payment by the White Desert of a “Carbon Tax” for offsetting emissions created by all logistics associated with Antarctic travel. Tours start at $68.500 from November till mid-February.

7 Luxury pods

Private fleet & runway

All inclusive luxury camp

Communal shower pods

Min. stay 5 day

Max. capacity 14

Airport flight & 4x4 transfer

Services & Facilities


  • Separate pods with hot showers
  • Reception, Lounge and Dining pod


  • Ice tunnels; fintess rating: 2*
  • Nunatak climb; fitness rating: 3*
  • Mighty abseil; fitness rating: 2*
  • Ice climbing; fitness rating: 4*
  • Rock climbing: fitness rating: 3*
  • Rope walk: fitness rating: 2*
  • 4x4 excursions: fitness rating: 1*
  • Adventurers picnic: fitness rating: 1*
  • Science bases: fitness rating: 1*
  • Zip line: fitness rating: 3*
  • Polar talks: fitness rating: 1*



  • Trip EARLY EMPERORS | from 5 days | from $68,000 per person
  • Trip SOUTH POLE AND EMPERORS |from 7 days | $105,000 per person
Exclusive benefits for AL guests

Once you go to this trip, everything is included

Unforgettable experiences, sustainable impact. Join us in creating a better world through luxury travel that supports the environment and local communities.


Luxury Pods

up to 2

Seven state-of-the-art sleeping pods are heated, cosy and designed for two people in each. At just over 6m (20ft) in diameter, they are also spacious with a writing desk, wash area and toilet including heating and premium bedding. While the exterior is made from cutting edge materials, the interior has an old-world feel with rich textures. Separate to the sleeping pod the rest of the camp comprises a communal shower pod, kitchen and three centralised pods that make up the reception, lounge and dining room. Three separate shower rooms are available 24/7.

Price from
12.930,00€ night


  • Safety briefing in Cape Town
  • Return transfers for Antarctica flights
  • Return flight to Antarctica (inc. a 30kg baggage allowance)
  • All accommodation, food, and drink (including all alcohol) in Antarctica
  • All guiding fees, support of field guides and logistics staff
  • The use of certain items of polar clothing, as denoted on the equipment list
  • Payment by White Desert Ltd of a ‘Carbon Tax’ for offsetting emissions created by all logistics associated with
    Antarctic travel
  • Price depends on the trip you choose to book



  • An eight-day trip combining a magnificent journey to visit an Emperor Penguin colony with a flight to the lowest point on Earth – the Geographic South Pole
  • Start Point: Cape Town, South Africa. Destination: Wolfs Fang Runway, Antarctica 
  • The flight from Cape Town International takes five hours and passes through the Antarctic Circle and into the 24 hours of continuous daylight that only Earth’s highest latitudes experience 4
  • Once guests have landed, White Desert’s specialist ski-equipped DC3 Basler aircraft (see below) takes them on a 20-minute flight to Whichaway Camp, where specially modified 4x4s drive the clients the last few kilometres to their home in Antarctica
  • Each day guests can choose to do as much or as little as they desire
  • More relaxing activities include gentle treks to a series of ice tunnels, visiting giant ice waves towards the coast, picnics with remarkable vistas, and visits to the nearby Indian and Russian science bases
  • White Desert’s more adventurous activities include technical rock climbing, abseiling, and the opportunity for guests to learn the skills of a polar explorer from expert guides
  • All activities are led by certified high mountain guides or experienced polar explorers – many of whom hold world records for their achievements
  • The flight to the South Pole uses a DC3 Basler aircraft(a contemporary conversion of the DC3 – an aircraft that has a unique track record and proven dependability around the world for more than six decades) and is specially equipped with skis to land on snow. Wheeled aircraft like the Gulfstream can only land on prepared ice runways
  • During the seven-hour flight to the Pole, the DC3 Basler lands on the Polar Plateau at our camp named FD83 (Fuel Depot) to refuel, and guests will have a chance to step out and experience this vast and unique wilderness
  • Guests can also visit an Emperor Penguin colony at Atka Bay, a two-hour flight via the DC3 Basler from Whichaway camp. Atka Bay was the site of the first episode of Sir David Attenborough's ground-breaking new documentary Seven Worlds, One Planet, and is home to more than 6,000 breeding pairs of penguins and their young chicks
  • Unafraid of humans, and with no natural predators on land, the penguins will readily approach, and from a few feet away (we adhere to IAATO guidelines that prohibit physical contact and stipulate a safe minimum distance) guests are immersed in noise, commotion, and a unique connection with the natural world that nowhere else on Earth can offer.


  • Commercial flights to and from Cape Town, South Africa
  • Accommodation and meals whilst in Cape Town (please note, these can be organized through our Cape Town office)
  • Polar clothing (please note, these items can be purchased on your behalf by a member of White Desert team)
  • Comprehensive insurance cover (White Desert staff can advise you as to the appropriate cover required.)
  • Additional expenses incurred in Cape Town due to any delay
  • Additional baggage costs over the agreed amount
  • Cost of the use of a satellite phone whilst in Antarctica

Why choose White Desert Antarctica
Visit Emperor Penguin Colony

Visit Emperor Penguin Colony

Two hours' flight via Basler BT-67 from our main camp and you are at a site of more than 6,000 penguins and their young chicks. Both are totally unafraid of humans and will come within a few meters of our group, immersing you in the noise, commotion and the sheer beauty of it all. This is one of the greatest, and yet least seen, wildlife events on the planet.

Included in price


The perfect place to chat and enjoy cousine from award-winning chef. Each meal is a memory in Antarctica, from a hearty breakfast to an exquisite six-course tasting menu. You will also be taken to a selection of hidden picnic spots with breathtaking views.

South Pole

South Pole

Even now, reaching the southernmost point on earth is a feat that very few people have achieved. During the seven-hour flight, we land on the polar plateau to refuel, and you will have a chance to walk around this vast, foreboding wilderness getting a real taste for the immense scale of Antarctica. Continuing to the South Pole, landing at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole station. At the designated marker, you will be at the lowest point on earth and you will be able to walk around the world in just a few paces!

Own fleet

Own fleet

Being the only company in the world to fly business jets to Antarctica, company's emphasis has always been on luxury and safety. That same commitment extends to the ski-equipped aircraft that is used in the interior. White Desert is the only air operator on the entire continent to be fully carbon neutral.

Ice Tunnels

Ice Tunnels

A photographer's dream. Explore a maze of surreal ice tunnels that have been sculpted by seasonal melt water.

Library & Lounge

Library & Lounge

Collection of polar books encompasses lesser-known facts on the indigenous wildlife and the explorers of old. From Antarctica you can also write postcards and letters from the warm and cosy lounge.



The lounge is heated, spacious and a fantastic setting to relax after the day's activities.

Wolf's Fang Runway

Wolf's Fang Runway

Using specialist techniques and machinery, we have created a runway that is uncompromising in its safety and with minimal delays. With experienced pilots flying over 25 flights a season, it is now regarded as a well-established and reliable airbridge between Africa and Antarctica.

Ice Climbing & Abseiling

Ice Climbing & Abseiling

Learn this exciting sports using crampons and ice-axes, allowing you to to scale seemingly impossible wals of ice. Fitness rating: 4*

Gentle Treks & Picnics

Gentle Treks & Picnics

You will be taken to a selection of hidden picnic spots with breathtaking views or enjoy gentle treks overlooking the ice waves.

The Founders - How it all started

The Founders - How it all started

The vision for White Desert started on an expedition in 2004, when we were stuck in a little tent waiting out a storm. All of us were feeling a little defeated. For four days the storm had raged outside. We were getting low on supplies and – even worse – starting to tell the same stories...Founded by genuine polar explorers Robyn and her husband Patrick, White Desert continues to expand whilst staying true to principles of adventure and environmentally responsible travel.


Our collection of properties is dedicated to sustainability and responsible tourism. We're updating our website to showcase the sustainability efforts of each retreat, highlighting their initiatives in resource conservation, minimizing environmental impact, and benefiting local communities. We appreciate your patience as we work on incorporating these features. Stay tuned for these exciting updates as we strive to create a positive impact and offer you an enriching and eco-friendly experience.


Resort Address

East Antarctica’s Schirmacher Hills


GPS: -70.7636111,11.6163889

Transport from airport

Wolf's Fang Runway: 20 minutes /km

Authentic Luxury review

White Desert Antarctica

Why is this place so special for ...

  • One and only Luxury Camp in Antarctica
  • Seven luxurious sleeping pods with state-of-the-art solar heating
  • Tailor made itineraries offering a range of unique once in a lifetime experiences 
  • A carbon-netural experience that is luxurious as it is adventurous
  • Offering the possibility to visit the Atka Bay Emperor Penguin Colony where two BBC Attenborough documentaries where filmed and The South Pole
Guest reviews
Excellent 5.0 / 5
White Desert 9 night expedition to the South Pole, Atka Bay and the interior of Antarctica

863stepheno, Hong Kong - February 2019

This was an outstanding experience - although there will not be many (if any) reviews of it on Tripadvisor since White Desert take less than 100 people a year physically to the South Pole and only one other company does anything like that that (from Union Glacier). It also costs US$84,000 before you start buying all the gear and your flights to Cape Town so the groups are a maximum of 12 people. But starting from Cape Town you fly 5-6 hours to Antarctica on a 14 seat Gulfstream 550, landing at ...

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