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Meet the visionaries: Luca Franco

An authentic luxury traveler is often searching for new and authentic accommodations, where they can disconnect from day-to-day life and can find a deep connection with the destinations they visit. The magic often lies in the subtle interplay between stunning landscapes and the elegant structures that grace them. Luxury Frontiers is well known for its designs of sustainable and immersive resorts and lodges in naturally beautiful locations all over the world.


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New Horizons for Authentic Luxury

Authentic Luxury CEO Maja Dimnik talks about the future of the luxury traveling industry and a new era for travelers seeking eco-friendly, experiential stays. Authentic Luxury is a leading authentic outdoor booking platform, shared with a huge market of people who are desperate to find luxury accommodations in the natural environment. 

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One of The World's Most Sustainable Retreat

Discover the impressive sustainability initiatives of Sundy Praia in an exclusive interview from our collection.

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