Conscious Choices and Eco Guardians

Join the Esteemed Conscious Collection and Sustainable Stewards


Distinguished Recognition

To earn a coveted spot in our esteemed Conscious Collection, properties must exemplify an unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. We meticulously assess your eco-friendly practices, innovative initiatives, and proactive efforts to reduce your environmental impact. Your exceptional property exemplifies unwavering dedication to the planet, actively contributing to a greener future and nurturing a harmonious bond between nature, community, and responsible tourism.

Requirements for Planet-Friendly Recognition

Join our extraordinary Conscious Collection which surpass sustainability benchmarks and hold the esteemed PLANET-FRIENDLY ACCOLADE. Recognized for your commitment to global sustainable tourism standards, you are continually demonstrating your dedication to the planet through rigorous evaluations by renowned experts and over 50 sustainability indicators. As sustainable tourism pioneers, you are setting the benchmark for responsible and eco-conscious hospitality, nurturing the land, wildlife, and local communities while providing extraordinary guest experiences. Join us in supporting positive change across these interconnected areas.

Care for The Planet

Environmentally conscious properties promoting sustainable practices and nurturing the land through responsible actions.

Care for the People

Community-focused property ensuring benefits for locals, staff well-being, and exceptional guest care.

Preserve Nature & Culture

Passionate stewards of nature and culture, properties showcase unwavering commitment through comprehensive preservation initiatives.

Sustainable Management

Properties prioritize effective sustainability management with a well-defined policy, clear goals, and measurable actions for sustainable practices.

Cornerstones of Sustainable Appreciation

Care for The Planet

Nature-based properties seeking our Planet-Friendly Accolade will be evaluated on their commitment to energy conservation, waste reduction, responsible water usage, proper handling of hazardous substances, and initiatives to minimize their carbon footprint.

Care for The People

Property care for people is crucial. Communities living around protected areas should have a stake in conservation, seeing it as something belonging to them. Conservation must provide tangible benefits. Equally important is the well-being of staff and ensuring exceptional care for guests.

Preserve Nature & Culture

Property demonstrates an unwavering commitment to preserving nature and culture through comprehensive initiatives. We evaluate their dedication to ecological conservation, including protecting natural habitats, contributing to wildlife initiatives, promoting biodiversity, supporting cultural preservation, and honoring the area's unique heritage through responsible tourism practices.

Sustainable Management

Effective sustainability management is essential for properties. As part of our evaluation process, we assess whether they have a well-defined sustainability policy that encompasses Environment, People, and Nature & Culture. This policy should outline clear goals and measurable actions to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices.

More Important than Recognition Itself

More than just recognition and marketing through our Conscious Collection, our primary focus is on assisting properties in optimizing resource utilization. By helping to utilize resources more efficiently, we enable you to achieve cost savings in property management while also benefiting the environment. Additionally, if you are looking to enhance your facility management practices, we are here to provide valuable assistance and support.

Attain Planet-Friendly Recognition

Join our esteemed Conscious Collection and be recognized for your nature-based property's significant contributions in the realm of responsible tourism. Whether you are driving change or seeking to optimize your resource utilization, we invite you to become a valued member of our collection.

Why Earn Planet-Friendly Recognition

Achieving Planet-Friendly Recognition as a hotelier owner brings numerous benefits. It positions your property as a sustainable tourism leader, enhances your reputation, boosts visibility, saves costs, and provides networking opportunities.


Position your property as a sustainable tourism leader, attracting eco-conscious travelers and enhancing your responsible reputation.

Costs Savings

Planet-friendly accolade brings more than recognition. We help properties optimize resources, save costs, while benefiting the environment.


Conscious Collection offers heightened visibility to conscious travelers seeking luxurious, extraordinary, and meaningful stays at your property.

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