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Welcoming Guests Shortly

Get ready to embark on a captivating journey as we unveil a remarkable assortment of new lodges that will soon grace destinations across the globe. These upcoming accommodations promise to redefine luxury and deliver unforgettable experiences. Stay tuned as we prepare to introduce these extraordinary havens that will elevate your travel adventures to new heights.

Unveiling New Openings

Anbalaba, Mauritius

Nomadic Escape is unveiling Anbalaba - an exquisite tented camp perched on a hill, overlooking a mesmerizing turquoise lagoon in Southeast Mauritius. Designed by acclaimed Nomadic Resorts, this kite-surfing haven will be managed by Nomadic Escapes, guaranteeing an exceptional guest experience.

New Extraordinary Collection

Nomadic Escapes is an exciting new collection that brings together a portfolio of luxurious lodges, masterfully crafted and managed by the renowned Nomadic Resorts. With a proven track record of creating stunning accommodations, Nomadic Escapes is now venturing into managing its own portfolio of luxury lodges, embarking on a new path of excellence in hospitality.

Explore Our Collection

Unearth all our hidden gems and embark on a remarkable journey of discovery.

Why Book with us?

Free Extras on Arrival

We're pleased to offer you a little extra thank you with every booking made directly through us - whether it's a room upgrade, a bottle of wine to a complimentary spa treatment.

Quality commitment

We pride ourselves on selecting only the finest luxury accommodations that offer guests an unparalleled authentic experience nestled in some of the most beautiful natural settings.

Hand-Picked Only

Each property in our collection is chosen by our team to ensure that it offers guests a one-of-a-kind natural experience without sacrificing comfort or luxury.

Positive Impact

Join us in creating a positive impact on the planet through your travel with us. You'll be supporting sustainable tourism and leaving a positive legacy for future generations.

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