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Creating a lasting and positive impact for future generations is essential

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We provide expert guidance and support for sustainable lodging management. Our services include assessing performance, creating action plans, implementing sustainable practices, and monitoring progress. We help establish policies, train staff, engage communities, and promote sustainability. Enhance your lodging experience with our assistance, meeting the demand for eco-friendly and socially responsible travel options.

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Sustainable Lodging Management

We specialize in sustainability solutions to improve your operations. Our services include assessing sustainability performance, creating action plans, providing training, establishing standards, and designing sustainable guest experiences.  Our team consists of experienced sustainability specialists and accredited auditors for accommodations, travel agencies, and destinations, actively involved in international sustainability working groups.

Bill Bensley and his guidelines in designing sustainable hotels

Introducing Bill Bensley, the iconic designer in experiential travel, renowned for his groundbreaking work in creating eco-friendly hotels. With his extensive experience and expertise, Bensley has provided invaluable guidelines to hotel owners and developers on designing sustainable properties. He is the visionary behind some of the world's most extraordinary experiential resorts.

Exclusive interview with Bill Bensley


Suggestions for designing better hotels

Experience Bill Bensley's game-changing 'White Paper - SENSIBLE SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS' for designing climate-conscious hotels. Drawing on his extensive expertise in hotel design and sustainability, Bensley presents 20 actionable suggestions for creating environmentally responsible properties. Discover inspiring examples from our collection, including Four Seasons Tented Camp, Capella Ubud, Rosewood Luang Prabang, and Shinta Mani Wild. Together, let's embrace our role in education, water conservation, clean energy, waste reduction, wildlife protection, and more. Say goodbye to greenwashing and join the movement for genuine change. Explore the concise Sensible Sustainable Solutions (Bill Bensley's White Paper) for 20 actionable suggestions across three core pillars:

Build with a Purpose

Hotels with a strong sense of local community, educating guests and employees, creating new experiences and championing environment issues – all of this can increase profits.

Think Locally and Sustainably

Including everything from branded amenities, water bottling plants, sourcing locally and farming/landscaping in a way that is sensitive to both the community and environment.

Create Respectfully

The keys to building smart in terms of building materials and energy conservation through architecture, as well as aspects such as upcycling and using solar panels to harvest the sun.

Sensible Sustainable Solutions

By Bill Bensley

20 suggestions for designing better hotels to help fight climate change and make the world a better place.


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